We will only find true love, when we love ourselves in the same way

true love couple

true love couple

We have all had one way or another in our lives the need to find true love. I am not talking about ideal love that only exists in the minds of those who dream of finding that unreal love that we see in the romantic programs on TV, or reading our favorite author of romantic novels.

I am talking about true love, which fills those emotional needs where reality is an important part of component as to the possibilities of finding that love that you are looking for.

How do we know it’s real? Because the person accepts us as we are. We do not need to pretend who we really are in front of that person to feel loved.

A love that represents those aspirations that as a human you have and the hopes of finding true love in other people to complement things that are not part of your life and that can only be achieved through your company.

Enjoy common activities, exchange ideas that do not compete, support projects that can be done, when those emotional and sexual needs are fulfilled in a spontaneous way, which we need as human beings for the people we are physically attracted to . This is what some consider true love.

At some point feel the emotional support we all need in our daily lives, in the ability to listen without making any comments, to accompany this chosen person even though we know that we do not know the direction where we are going.

The ability to understand the feelings and needs of other people, even if we do not hear voice and both share an indivisible unity in times of crisis. Finally, one of the most important; create the habit of looking into the eyes of your partner and says in a calm voice that comes from the heart ‘I love you’.

‘Many times we spend our whole life looking for something that we have always had on our side, that true love.

In this case, that kind of situation also happens when we look for love in the wrong places, that special feeling that fills us with happiness when it is part of our life. But when you do not know a person who feels the same, life looks a little dark.

The only companion we have is the loneliness that is always with us, and more and more occasionally those special dates where the couples share the love and we do not have with whom to share our love.

That emotional void that we feel when we feel we do not deserve or have the love of other people, of which we feel physically attracted to our body and soul is a difficult feeling to accept.

We have all been through this situation. We do not have the power to change the feelings of another person. Do not worry about those negative feelings of not being accepted. There will always be someone out there who will give you that love that others have denied you until now.

Negative feelings, which are responsible for all the pessimistic and happy thoughts that are sometimes part of our daily lives in our minds and hearts, are actually a symptom of our lack of love for ourselves.

“The love that another person feels for you will not heal those hemotional wounds in the long term, if you do not first learn to love yourself.” We can only love others in the measure that we love ourselves.

Love is a feeling that brings joy to our lives just by thinking about it. Love towards others and ourselves makes us smile every time we see that possibility in our imagination.

“Just taking into account these beautiful images of true love is enough for us, but also in our hearts. We should always be optimistic that this feeling will be part of our life.”

This beautiful feelings of love for oneself will always be part of us, even when we do not have the loved one in front of us, to comfort us in our moments of emotional need.

When we meet the person who chooses our heart, the one who accompanies us on that journey of life, we will know it.

Love is the engine that will take us to all those unknown places that our heart wants to know. If we really love that person with the same intensity that we love ourselves, everything will be fine.

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