The story of the maiden in distress is not real is a fantasy

the behavior of our children and adolescents

story of the maiden in distress

In this case I will concentrate on the story of the princess of need to be saved “A maiden in trouble” to understand a little the issue to deal with the deformed vision of victim that some have when they look at how to relate to the woman who steals the dream. But also the attitude of maidens that some women have the product of these fanciful stories.

The “positive” results these stories tell their savior and the message these stories send to those whose minds are sensitive to generalizations can impact the attitudes, possibilities, treatments and vision of the future of the children when we speak of relationship and valuation that must exist between a man and a woman in their daily dealings.

Can this kind of story of the damsel in distress create the negative stereotype that all women are victims who need to be saved or on the contrary can create in the mind of the child the impression that the only way to get the love of a woman and being happy forever is through a heroic fact. It is something that we have to take into account when we know the message of this type of history and the consequence if we do not know us origin.

Not making a difference between the real and the unreal (a damsel in distress) on his part? It will largely depend on how much this fantasy story influences the mind of the child when such fanciful ideas are assumed as part of their adult behavior and the levels of differentiation that must exist.

Even though we are “adults” we can not differentiate between fantasy and real behavior. The effects of such fanciful stories on the future behavior of our children and adolescents is always unpredictable.

It is part of many cultures in the world in which the male is the one who has to impress the female if she hopes to reproduce her genes in the new generations.

We need not go any further by simply observing the courtship behavior of many animals to conclude that this behavior of impressing the female is important to the male both in the animal world and in the social behavior of humans.

Many of these fantasy stories aside from expanding the imagination of children and in some cases the adult, also serve to create a serious of messages conditioning the behavior of children.

When they see this fantasy product strategies, as a reliable methods to gain acceptance of the female through these fanciful behaviors, especially “A maiden in trouble” usually frustration is the results of this fanciful behavior.

Can a woman in trouble with (economic problems, drug addiction, alcoholics, mental problems, social, judicial, irrational behavior, serious health problems, etc.) be considered by a man when choosing a partner? The story of the damsel in distress suggests that this is possible.

That is one of the reasons why we should analyze the real motives when we enter into a relationship with a woman whose emotional state we can describe as a maid in distress, by the problems that are negatively impacting that woman at that moment.

Ask yourself whether the reasons are human or the reasons are emotional? It is normal to help a person, whether woman or man in time of need, if our resources and time allows.

If your intentions are emotional using the syndrome of “maiden in distress” where you are trying to save that woman from some of these problems in many cases self inflicted by herself, waiting as a reward for the love of gratitude of that maiden in distress.

“You are betting on frustration, disappointment and unnecessary suffering when the damsel in distress discovers your real intentions and more if that woman, well intentioned that you are, does not want your help.”

Keep in mind if you are in a similar situation. Remember that no one has the power to change anyone! No one has the power to save who you do not want to be saved! Love does not cure everything! Find within yourself the reasons that push you to put your attention on a damaged woman and you will discover that the problem is not her, the problem is in you.

You will never be her hero and she will never be your maiden in trouble, you will not be happy forever as fairy tales suggest is just a well-told fantasy story.

One of the great problems of neurotic behavior is that we see this neurosis in others not in ourselves. In the animal world the female looks for the strongest male for reproduction. When you look for a faulty female as a couple, put between your strength as a man to deserve the love of an emotionally healthy woman and physically fit to be the mother of your children.

How fantasy stories affect the Psyche and then the behavior of children, and adolescents their self esteem. The possibilities of real damage or not to the psyche of children and adolescents is something that little scholars of behavior tries to find that answers by the economic implications of the results of these studies.

Can children and adolescents emotionally disconnect from a fantasy story that was part of life in an early stage of development where the difference between the real and the fantasy is unknown? It is about estimating the ability to be human, especially our children.

Negative or positive effects and influences of fantasy stories on the behavior of our children and adolescents is something that parents should keep in mind when they allow access to this type of imaginary stories as innocent as they seem.

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