The happiness of living for ourselves

It is much better to be than not to be
Different way of how we can all discover the happiness of living for ourselves and being accepted.

The happiness of living for ourselves is not something new is something that we are all born with it. Why do we try to live for others and not for ourselves? For that we have to thank society, our parents and our desire to be accepted by others.

These and many more are some of the reasons we grow, integrate and develop as a socially attached individual from the moment we accept that as the right way to live our life.

As a way to recover in the sense of ourselves, I made a long list of thoughts, phrases, conclusions, ideas and attitudes that can help, if you want to rediscover the happiness of living.


It is much better to be than not to be

It is better to ask than to be ignorant, it is better to see than to be blind, it is better to listen than to be deaf, it is better to be alive than to be dead, it is better to speak out than to remain silent, It is better to give than to receive, much better to know than to guess, it is much better to tell the truth than to lie, it is better to arrive than to leave, it is better to forgive than to resent, It’s better to show up than to feel shame. It is better to step up than to laid down .

I prefer something instead of nothing, I prefer being the best before being the worst, I prefer something now than nothing later. I prefer to be happy before being sad, I prefer to smile instead of crying. Instead of feeling insignificant I prefer to feel great, I prefer to be with someone rather than being alone. It is better to have hope than to give up.

It is better to believe in ourselves than in what others believe about us, it is better to know something than to know nothing. No matter what happens in front of us we should see life as it is. Life is what we do and as we see it.

As you see, your problems are more important to you than as others see it, because you know the reason behind each one of them. At the end of the day, what matters most is how you feel about them. You always remember one thing, as others judge you, you shouldn’t judge yourself.

Remember one of the most important things in your life is you, not what others think, say, expect or believe about you, but quite the opposite. No matter what your situation in life your attention should always be focused on you. It is better to seize the opportunity now than to wait forever for what could come. Life is not how you start it, but how you end it.

I prefer to be foolish than to feel stupid, I prefer to be mad than  to be dumb, It is better to be truthful than to feel guilty, It is better to feel blessed than to be miserable.

It is better to travel than to be stuck in a place we don’t like, It is better move on than wait for something that might never happen. It is better to dare than to be fearful, It is better to believe than to have all the answers, it is better to challenge than to be intimidated, it is better to push than to be forced, it is better to be involved rather than to be isolated.

It is better to act than to feel useless, it is better to react than feel powerless,  it is better to live for ourselves than to live for others. At some point in our life we ​​must gather our thoughts and make the correct decision. It is better to make mistakes, than to hesitate in everything we do. I’d prefer to be thankful instead of feeling disappointed. It is much better to mess up doing something bad, than mishandled something good.

If I am not perfect you are not either, if I don’t expect anything from you, expect nothing from me. Your expectations will never be my expectations. It is better to act with courage than to always be afraid.

If you don’t have all the answers do not expect me to have all the answers either. It is preferable to be free than to be tied to someone who never cares about you. It’s better to be honest now, than clear up all the bad things later, it’s better to meet up now than to postpone it for later,

I prefer to be accepted than to be rejected, I prefer to feel joy instead of feeling sadness, I prefer to feel strong than to feel weakness, I preferred to feel love than to feel hate, I prefer to be happy than to be angry.

it is better to follow your dreams instead to please others, it is better to treat ourselves, as we expect others to treat us, it is better to love ourselves, as we hope others love us, never expect anything from others if you are not willing to do the same.

How do you live depends on you. If you don’t want to be judged don’t judge anyone, how much time you will always have depend on you. If you want to be understood pay attention to what others say.

It’s better to be annoyed than to be ignored. I prefer to see the positive in something than the negative in everything. It is much better to be than not to be. I’d rather let it go than hold it forever, I’d rather try now than regret it later. I prefer to learn from a painful experience, instead of being afraid to fail

It doesn’t matter what others want out your life, what really matter is what want out of your life. It is easier to start again than to remain stuck in a past that we can’t change. We only have one life to live, take advantage of it before it’s over.

The uncertainty of a future that we can not control is much better than a past that we die trying to forget. It is much better to be safe than to be sorry, It is much better to be sure than to be concerned.

If you don’t have the power to change your life, no one else can’t. No one is responsible for the way you feel right now. It’s up to you to take control of your feelings. Any emotions are only part of you if you allow it. Everyone around you can only control your emotions, thoughts and behaviors because you have allowed them to do it. Until you decide otherwise, that will continue happening all the time in your life if you don’t  make the necessary changes. If others can do it, you can do it too!

if you want to become what you would like to be, you must now take the steps to make it happen. Don’t be surprised if things don’t turn out to be as you wish, the world is full of situations that seem to be too good to be true.

It is better to confront what life throws at you than to be constantly avoiding something that bothers you. it is much better to face the situation than to allow fear to control your life. It is better to spread the good news than to be in charge of reporting bad news. Heading in the Right Direction is something that we must decide if we want to see our dreams become true.

You don’t need a reason to do what you like, you don’t need to see the results when you do it with passion. You do things because you like to do it. You don’t have to explain to anyone, why you follow your own dreams. due to the ignorance of others the world is a bit dangerous.

Because people always take advantage of others is the reason why we do not trust anyone. I haven’t been able to fulfill all my expectations so far, that’s why I always feel frustrated. I didn’t like what was going on so leave that place. I haven’t received the love of others that is why I feel unhappy.

As a result of our bad decisions, the problems are becoming more and more difficult. If you don’t have many friends it is because you are not taking the necessary steps to make that happen. I don’t like what I’m hearing so I’m leaving. I don’t like what I’m seeing, that’s why I don’t buy it. Because I don’t like what you’re giving me, that’s why I don’t take it. Because of everything you said, it’s the reason I’m leaving.

You need to treat people with respect, otherwise you will always be in trouble. You should always treat the girls you like with love, otherwise you will always be alone. You should always work on what you like otherwise you’ll never feel happy in what you are doing. Pay all your bills on time otherwise you won’t have a place to live.

While you wait for something to happen, others keep moving to make it happen. When everyone does what they should do at the same time you are waiting for what you should do. When everyone is enjoying life, in the meantime you are thinking what to do with yours.

“Despite what you believe, no one has the power to read your mind and guess your feelings. Despite what others think of you, what matters is what you think about yourself. Do not wait for someone who promises to give you something in the future if he / she has never given you anything in the past.

I’m not accusing you of anything, I’m just saying what I saw. I’m not arguing with you, I’m just expressing how I feel. I’m not threatening you, I’m just telling you what I’m going to do. I do not disagree with you, I just see it a little different. I’m not avoiding you, I just do not want to talk to you.

I don’t want to spend time with you, because I don’t want to be wasting my time. I’m not trying to control your life, I’m just trying to tell you what to do. I’m not trying to bother you, I’m just trying to make you feel bad.

Even though people advise you with the best of intentions, only you have the power to change as you look at yourself and how you look your life. ” If you want to be accepted by every one, you must always try to be a good person.

if I had known in the past what I know today, I would not have made those mistakes. Please do not do the same! The happiness of living is something that must always look within you.

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