The boy in the picture

The boy in the picture

In its beginnings of the photography all the photos taken by some type of photographic instrument were in black and white. Own characteristics of the thousands of photographic and portrait images that tell the story of some famous people in the past where only using black and white as the basic colors.

The boy in the picture - old camara

Characteristics of this type of photographic which dominated for a long time until the first photographic cameras appeared that could capture images in different shades of black and white, apart from its ability to emphasize expressions and style to create interest in those who like Of this type of photography, could also reproduce color giving a sense of realism in the images taken.

The photo that we are showing at this moment in which we see a boy in the photo, we can notice that the photographers in modern times preferred the image of black and white to present a work that would be interesting at the moment, contrary to most Photographic images in the diversity in its hue which is the most popular at the moment.

For a street photographer, those who use black and white images as the most preferred style of the person who likes this style. This portrait of this boy and what he says the expression of his eyes which reflect a thought that only he knows and anyone who knows a little the human condition can imagine what this boy is saying through this photos when the photo was Captured. All my credit goes to the photographer of this photograph who did a wonderful job in capturing the boy in the picture that we are looking at.

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