Why do we try to impress others, trying to be who we are not?

By | September 6, 2017


Many people try to live life above their economic limitations, they want to portray a social class to which they do not belong, they flaunt a talent they do not possess, they believe they have the personal charm or charisma to have the woman or man they want .

They want to persuade everyone to have a power that only exists in their minds, tell the rest of them a chance to get rich without having any kind of business plan.

“They want to be regarded as honorable or virtuous when they all know they are trickers. They are some of the example when someone does not want to accept their limitations as a person in a particular social environment.”

Simple this group of people do not want to accept its limitations and as a way of covering up because they believe that they are the cause of their low self-esteem or poor self-evaluation, in many cases they show off qualities that they do not really possess and many cases are those that deal justify their lack of “perfection” by criticizing the real defects or not of others to feel self-confidence.

Type of social behavior that in recent times is notorious and more at this time in all social networks, where pretending is considered a behavior acceptable by many.

The problem with this type of false self-representation is that for these individuals to show high enthusiasm and security in what they say is part of the performance and many are fully convinced in what they say and do, although all conclude that this type of person are just pretending.

Trying to hide who they really are, hiding from others the real intentions behind this social mask to seek the approval of others at all costs, behavior that is recognized by all but the one who is pretending. It is the case of self deception where the only one deceived is who is pretending.

Just as there are individuals who do not want to accept their human limitations, there are also many individuals who do not want to accept their limitations and possibilities as people within society, try to create this appearance of greatness, because in their mind there is the false idea that for be happy, respected, admired, loved and accepted should be an exceptional person.

Experience shows that people considered exceptional have the same problems as everyone in the world (divorce, illness, depression, economic problems, insecurity, fear, dissatisfaction in life, etc.). Not everyone can learn the art of Living Happy, if we don’t know how to put our mind into that emotional state.

Having limitations as humans is normal, having limitations as people is also normal. That is not to say that you should not do your best to overcome the problems of life, to be a better person each day, to have an attitude of progress, to prepare properly to face the difficulties, to aspire to better things in the future, enjoy the things we like, share with people who love us as we are, etc.

Pretending who we are not socially speaking is an inadequate solution in the world where we all have the ability to intuit when someone is lying to us.

To be someone in life you do not need to be extraordinary for everyone, you just need to be extraordinary to the people you impact in a positive way around you every day.

What for you is something extraordinary, for others does not have the same assessment, If you do not believe what I say ask your little son how extraordinary you are and know a great truth about yourself. The important thing is not what people think of you, but the opinion you have of yourself. Remember it!

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