How to discover the happiness of living and sharing with others

Many people for whatever reason try to discover the happiness of living by taking into account what others want, regardless of what they really want. When it comes to pleasing someone, that someone always has to be yourself first.

A mental attitude or emotional response that is normal when we try to find in ourselves something that we have always had, but for some reason is not within our reach. As the happiness of living our life provides.

IF you are a person who has had a great emotional, economic, social or family loss, depending on the degree of this loss will be your emotional response. Discovering the happiness of living and sharing it with others is something that can lessen the pain produced by this loss.

If you are an emotionally shattered individual for not being able to meet the social expectations imposed,  you can not fulfill personal expectations or you can not emotionally withstand the normal pressures of daily life is a sign that you have lost the happiness of living and someone or something other than you is in control of your life.

Sooner or later, each of us will feel sad at some point in our life. Feeling sadness, loneliness, or pain when you go through a difficult life experience is part of being human.

But what if he does not recover? Then we must speak with our Doctor to look for the reasons behind this prolonged depressive state, which is different from the transient unhappiness product of a lost.  It can be symptoms of problems deeper that is affecting your emotions, but also your health in general.

When you lose the happiness of living, it means that you do not enjoy life as others enjoy it or you are not satisfied in the negative way at the moment. There are many steps we can take towards the path of happiness.

When we begin to see life from a negative position in some cases depression and anxiety are emotional responses that take advantage of this emotional and cognitive weakness to control the distorted vision we have of life, creating in us all feelings associated with this type of illness.

If you feel unhappiness, loneliness, despair, desolation, misery, melancholy, sadness, anguish, pain, feeling that are part of your life right now there are real or unreal reasons behind these emotions that feed those negative feelings in you.

On the contrary if happiness, the pleasant things that you find, satisfaction is part of your spirit, you are happy without knowing the reasons, small successes fills you with joy, delights you every moment, has a good spirit all the time , think about your personal well-being, and enjoy life that means you have not lost the ability to see the happiness of living.

What steps can we take to find the happiness of life? Everything starts with ourselves and ends with ourselves. The world is not designed to make us happy, always keep it in your mind in the pursuit of happiness in your life.

First, you have to recognize the problems and the reasons behind each of the symptoms of this problem, to take the first steps to take control of your life again.

Second: You have to realize that in some cases the resolution of these problems are not within your reach. Which forces you to seek help or emotional support from others. Do not be afraid or embarrassed to communicate your feelings to others.

Third: eliminate any unrealistic expectations about something that you have no control over.

Disregarding any biological problems or loss of the chemical balance in our brain as the reason for our emotional problems, we must accept that in some cases we are responsible for the pain that we are causing  to ourselves.

And finally: You have to realize that an emotional problem that has been with you for years or decades, expecting a quick resolution of these negative feelings is to create false hopes.

In some cases the effort and persistence that you used in creating emotional problems is required for their destruction and regain control of your life.

Learning the  happiness of living is just a tool that can help you in this recovery in which only you can take the first step to recovery.

Given the subjective nature of happiness  which does not exist outside of us. We are the creators of our happiness, and the way to get it, because we alone know the things that make us happy. The pursuit of happiness in life can only be achieved if you believe in it.


What is the happiness of living?

The happiness of living is not ideas, it is not a theory, it is not a personal self-help programs, nor is it the source of knowledge that will solve all the emotional problems and mental tensions of modern times.

The happiness of living is a lifestyle, an optimistic attitude of what will come, although we do not know all the answers. It is a philosophy of life where the value of living is above any problems that are part of it.

The happiness of living is to accept that we are part of a whole. One more link of a long chain created by us and the others, where each of us, insignificant as it may seem, we are important in the strength of that chain. The strength of the whole lies in the strength of the individuals who are part of it.

The happiness of living is to appreciate every moment as the best of all. It is to astonish us of the beautiful things that call our
attention to every moment. It is also to listen in silence to the things that bring happiness to our heart.

The happiness of living is to do every thing that our spirit pushes us. It is to see in others those things that we have always desired for each one of us. It is accepting how important we all are in the daily experience of those around us.

The happiness of living is to accept that suffering is an emotional event that reminds us that we are human beings. It is the end of an unpleasant experience that opens the door to better things in the future.

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