Don’t let the camera tell you how to take pictures

Do not let your camera tell you how to take photos- old zennit camera

We all have a particular style of how to take photos, regardless of the different types of shots that new digital compact cameras bring now. A group of color parameters, distance, aperture, speed, saturation, manual focus or autofocus and quality in the sharpness of the image that are established by the manufacturers of this type of photographic equipment in the different types of shots.

As a way to reach consumers who buy this type of equipment, and not be hard to use a camera in those who first come into contact with the photographic technique. For use in the world of photography of this type of equipment in a more usual way, either as a beginner or professional photographer these different types of shots facilitate this work in those who handle a camera for the first time.

When I say from the beginning do not let the camera take the pictures for you, it is the first step to create a certain individuality in our own style, taking as a reference that the first photos taken with the old photographic instruments did not have this facility and we can see That the results are great when compared to modern standards of photography.

But to know the world of photography we must understand its origin and for that we must understand how important was the photography in the old days and types of equipment used in the past as were the zenith cameras, nikon, pentax and leica photographic equipment that in Its beginnings only used two times of color tones as was the white and black, but also the high price of this type of photography that at that time very few people could afford the price of a photo or portrait for the complex, Time, availability and cost of photographic sketches at that time.

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