Do your words have the power to change people?


The answer is no. Your words can influence the decisions people make in certain circumstances in their lives, but lately it is the person who makes the decision not your words.

That does not mean that you do not have the power or your words do not have the power to change a person’s attitude, ideas, behavior or conclusion true or false, only people have the power to change what they consider bad in themselves.

To assume that is an illusory idea, which we often hear on television, reading some kind of book or when we hear believers talking about the power of words, or the influence of lifestyle, actions, and comments of some figures in US.

When someone says “that person changed my life” we all know that that is not possible. I only change some aspect of their life, not their life in general as they claim.

Power does not exist in words or people who have some “influence” in us, power exists in people who hear those words or people and use those words to improve or worsen their situation.

Because as I said earlier, we have the power to control our actions, but we do not have the power to control the actions of others, much less their life. If we have the power to control what we do, other people also have that same control, even if the appearance tells you otherwise.

As we have this false idea of ​​control over people we also feel responsible for all the good (satisfaction) or all the bad (guilty feeling) that person makes or leaves, when really the good or bad that person does it is only your responsibility not our responsibility.

Each one is responsible for what he does in each moment of his life. We may suggest in some cases to manipulate, but in the end the decision is not ours, the decision only has those people and that person is responsible for what he does and what he does not do.

No matter how emotionally we are involved with that person, whether a close relative (Mother, Father, siblings, children, good friends, husband, wife, lovers, co-workers, etc.) we do not have the power to control life and actions of those people, much less change that person or fix their emotional problems or vicious behavior.

The importance or urgency that we put to our “advice”, “suggestion”, “truths”, only exists in us; the other person who is directed to these personalized conclusions that you have, do not have the real or emotional importance that you own or visualize, always keep in mind when predicting a result that have “the power of words.”

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